Adrian Ciobotaru Architect RIBA

worked for

In chronological order

As an employee:

St Petersburg City Directorate of Architecture, Russia, 1971.

Novgorod Chemical Plant, Russia, 1971-72.

Nina and Petru Ciobotaru, Moldavia, 1973-76.

Chemberlain Powell and Bon Architects, London, 1973-76.

Pentagram Design, London, 1976-80.

GMW Partnership Architects, London, 1980-82.

Twigg Brown Architects, London, 1982.

Roberts Weaver Design, London, 1982-83.

As self-employed architect:

John and Maurine Webster, Barnet, 1983-85.

Courtney House Fashions, Knitsbridge, London, 1986.

Courtney House Fashions, Mayfair, London, 1987.

Milbank Developments PLC, Mayfair, London, 1988-89.

Land Securities PLC Property Developers, London, 1988-90.

Christian Aid Charity, Romania, 1990.

Jo and Maggie Campbell, Provence, France, 1993-97.

Dwyre Group Ltd, Mayfair, London, 2000.

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